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STRESS – Wednesday 4th April 2018

Stressed Lady

Photo by Gabriel Matula on Unsplash


OMG!  I have spent the whole flipping day going through emails, reports and stuff trying to get amendments made to the draft EHCP and the stress is crippling!

The Local Authority will not recognise PDA.  This causes us huge problems!  The strategies for ASD did not work for our son as was illustrated by his mainstream school.  We have established that the strategies for PDA do work and that they are very different to the ASD strategies.  This is an integral part of the information needed for a successful reintegration into an educational provision! A result that we all want and that is in our son’s best interests!  Something that we are not disputing and we are desperately trying to help with but we are not being listened to.

There is a huge problem in this country with regards to Special Educational Needs for our children and it is becoming very apparent that many children are not getting the help that they need.


Meanwhile my house is a complete tip!

I have a pile of washing that will give Snowden a run for its money and my OCD is really kicking off.  Our alcohol bill is rocketing and I haven’t had time to do a proper food shop.  All I want to do is SLEEP!  Like that’s going to happen – ladies of a certain age, you will understand when I say “Hot Flushes”.  That coupled with a son that doesn’t sleep and a daughter that, during her school holiday, has to get up to go in to school from 10 am to 5pm for rehearsals means that sleep will not really happen.

At least when I do manage to find the time to go shopping I wont need to take shopping bags as the ones under my eyes are plenty big enough lol.  Wow Go Me!  I’ve ended on a positive note……..ok so that may have been a slight stretch…..

Until the next time – remain strong and keep taking the pills!



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