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Scarily Exciting Revamp!

An overhead shot of a cup of coffee next to an open laptop, two pencils and a stack of sticky notes ready for the scarily exciting revamp

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

Please explain…….

Ramblings of an Autism mum with a PDA Twist is about to undergo a scarily exciting revamp!  I’m so excited, it’s a bit like being a kid in a sweet shop.


Up until now, I have been investing my time into writing posts and not worrying too much about the design of my blog.  But, that is about to change.  I am passionate about helping families that are in a similar situation to ourselves.  In order to do this properly, my blog must become better!  Hence the need for the scarily exciting revamp!

A resource

When our son was diagnosed with Autism, we found that there was actually a lot of information out there but, it was all in different places and you had to hunt around for it.  Then his diagnosis was amended to include Demand Avoidance Traits.  This is when it became really tricky……  This is still a really knew concept/diagnosis and information is about but, we only stumbled across it by chance.

It now looks like our daughter is suffering from severe anxiety, based around school, and her dyslexia is not making it any easier!  We also suspect that she has ADHD but, as with a lot of girls, a diagnosis is going to be difficult.

My husband has ADHD and dyslexia and, then there’s me.  OCD appears to be my thing along with depression and anxiety lol.  What an interesting family we are!

This blog is about our journey.  It will cover the highs and the lows.  I do not intend to cover anything up.  I will be discussing things that have helped us as well as things that haven’t and why.  I’m by no means a medical expert but I do consider myself an expert in our family, especially my kids.

I’m hoping that the information that I have gathered and still am gathering will help you too.  I want this blog to be a resource for all the special needs families out there that are struggling to find help, of which, from experience, I know there are many.  But, it is also about raising awareness, something that it is also so very important.

What can you expect?

There are going to be newsletters, email welcomes to followers, post scheduling,  guest posts from people that have helped us and, most of all, I’ll be looking for input from you, my readers and followers.  If there is something that you would like to ask, to learn about, to have a better understanding of then please let me know by commenting on a post or using the contact form that will be on the site.

While this scarily exciting revamp takes place, there may be a little pause in posts while I get everything into place.  I’m not a technophobe but, technology really isn’t my thing and, to be honest, it’s a little scary!  But, being scared is a good thing.  It means that I’m passionate about what I am doing and it will give me the edge that I need to get on and do it!

So….. wish me luck as I’m gonna need it!

I’ll see you all on the other side

PS please drop me a comment on the form below to let me know that you are thinking of me, I’d be very grateful lol


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