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Safety at Home

Open door

Photo by Alfred Leung on Unsplash

Safety at Home

Safety at home is everything and never has this been more obvious than yesterday.


One of my son’s little quirks is that when someone leaves the house, they must be waved off.  More often than not it is my son that does this as he cannot cope with people just leaving.  He must say goodbye and go through his little ritual.  Every time that he does this, I always prompt him to shut and lock the door.


As I listened to my husband’s motorbike go off up the road, I was happily drinking my coffee and putting stickers in my planner.  I was secure in the knowledge that my husband was safely on his way to work and that my son had happily waved him off.  My daughter was unfortunately off school, sick, so I had nothing to do until 10.30.  I decided to take advantage of the opportunity for a little me time.  Can you imagine my horror when, at 9.30, I came ambling down the stairs to find our front door swinging in the breeze!

Panic Stations

Although my ears were telling me that my son was safely upstairs, my head was refusing to register the fact.  Up the stairs I shot to see with my own eyes.  To say that he was somewhat confused by my panicked expression is an understatement lol.  Where was the dog?  Safely asleep on the dirty washing pile.  The relief was enormous – for a second.  Then, a horrid sinking feeling came over me.  My daughter’s room is on the ground floor, next to the front door.  It hadn’t even crossed my mind to check on her!  I practically threw myself down the stairs and fell through her bedroom door to be confronted with the beautiful picture of her still asleep.

Sleeping person in bed, hidden by duvet

Photo by Elizabeth Lies on Unsplash

In that hour of me time, I forgot my usual routine of confirming the door situation.  In that hour, safety at home was neglected and it could have gone so terribly wrong.

Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, you are amazing




  1. 13th December 2018 / 11:22 pm

    Argh, it’s so easily done, isn’t it? And for a moment your heart stops! #ItsOk

    • Lyn Haslegrave
      17th December 2018 / 9:44 am

      Helen, I felt physically sick! It was terrifying but illustrates the pressure and stress that mum’s are under all the time. #itsok

  2. 15th December 2018 / 11:03 am

    Oh Lyn, I can imagine how your heart must have been pounding in those first few panicked moments! We all have these little errors of judgement every now and then, mums ARE only human after all… even if we do feel like machines sometimes! Everyone was OK so that’s the main thing. #ItsOK

    • Lyn Haslegrave
      17th December 2018 / 10:03 am

      It was the worst feeling I think I’ve ever felt but, as you have rightly said, everyone WAS ok. As a mum, we are never off duty and we have to accept the reality that we are only human. It’s something that I have to keep reminding myself of and I’m sure that I’m not on my own in this. #itsok

  3. 21st December 2018 / 8:10 pm

    I can only imagine the fright! Those moments we quickly look away, my 18 month old grabbed a pair of scissors the other day as I was taking the laundry out. And came running down the passage… My shattered nerves! #itsoklinky

    • Lyn Haslegrave
      15th January 2019 / 2:50 pm

      I know how you feel. My nerves have been shattered since the twins arrived! I can’t believe how many things pose a danger once you become a mom! You begin to look at things in a whole different light! I guess that’s why we develop eyes in the back of our heads. But, you know what? #itsok mom’s are made of stern stuff.

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